Migration and citizenship

12th May 2017News

Over the last few weeks, we have looked at some basic immigration laws in Zimbabwe. More information on regulations and requirements can be found on the Department of Immigration Zimbabwe website. There is relevant information pertaining to the various permits that are issued for a valid stay in the country. The different types of permits … Read More

Muhonde Attorneys – meet the team

10th April 2017News

The Muhonde Attorneys team has been hand picked to include some of the very best legal minds in the region. Combined, we have over 24 years of practicing law between us and x legal degrees and associated certifications. Guided by strong principals and a passion for the law, we cultivate lasting relationships in the communities … Read More

Miners wander through regulatory maze

2nd April 2017News

Source: The Sunday Mail, 2 April 2017 Zimbabwean miners, who are have to contend with at least 16 different laws regulating the sector, are pushing Government to harmonise legislation to cut unnecessary expenses and improve the business environment. For mining houses to operate lawfully, they have to comply with the Mines and Minerals Act (Chapter … Read More

First three Acts of 2017 gazetted

23rd March 2017News

23 March 2017 In a Government Gazette Extraordinary dated 23rd March the following Acts of Parliament of 2017 were gazetted— Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment Act, 2017 (No. 1/2017) link Finance Act, 2017 ((No. 2/2017) link Appropriation Act, 2017 (No. 3/2017) link. All three Acts came into operation immediately, i.e., with effect from 23rd March … Read More

Zimbabwe: Law must formalise Customary Marriage Divorce Token

1st March 2017News

Source: All Africa, 1 March 2017 When people are making wedding arrangements about which portion of the guests will get to eat the coleslaw salad; the last thing one plans for is for another woman to bolt in to stop the marriage. After the high table and the satin decorations, the day is soon soured … Read More

University of Zimbabwe Students Law Review Journal – Call for Articles

14th February 2017News

The Editorial Board of the University of Zimbabwe Student Journal (UZSJ) has announced a call for articles. Law Academics, Practitioners, Gvt. officials, Law Students and organisations in the legal profession are invited to contribute to the 5th Volume of the University of Zimbabwe Students Law Review Journal (UZSLRJ). Guidelines for would-be contributors are provided in … Read More

Government to amend 1963 mining law

16th March 2016News

Source: The Zimbabwe Situation, 16 March 2016 The government said Monday that amending the country’s mining law has become urgent to bring new changes that will go a long way in addressing the shortcomings of the outdated legislation. Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa told legislators that the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill of 2015 was now in … Read More