About Muhonde Attorneys (Incorporating Muhonde Attorneys Botswana)

Muhonde Attorneys (Incorporating Muhonde Attorneys Botswana) is a general practice law firm based in Harare and Francistown, practicing throughout Zimbabwe, Botswana and the region.

Muhonde Attorneys was launched in 2012 by sole partner and principal Tich Muhonde. In 2017 Muhonde Attorneys Botswana was launched after Tich Muhonde was registered and admitted as an attorney in Botswana. Today, the law firm consists of 4 qualified legal practitioners and 4 administrative staff.

We practice law according to strong legal, business and personal ethics and are guided by principles of transparency, quality, unity and integrity.

At every step we delve beyond the specific legal issue in order to better understand the “why?”. Building this bigger picture about why the client requires a particular legal service helps us ensure the relevancy and speed of the services we provide.

Honest counsel

Should you come to Muhonde Attorneys with a legal case, approach or requirement that ultimately may not be in your best interests to pursue, you are guaranteed to get our open and honest opinion, as well as advice on an alternate course of action that may be more fruitful. At Muhonde Attorneys, it is not about taking every case, it is taking the right cases for the right people.

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About Muhonde Attorneys

An empathetic approach

As a firm, we also know that life is not always predictable therefore we pride ourselves on being agile and highly responsive in crises and traumatic circumstances where legal intervention is required. We approach these high stress cases as if they were our own, conducting ourselves with sensitivity and respect as we seek resolution in the quickest and most effective way possible.

No client too big or small

As a general practice law firm, we provide counsel and strategic legal representation in a diverse range of practice areas and we work with clients and businesses of all sizes, from individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups to large corporates and listed companies.

Muhonde Attorneys

Regional footprint

Muhonde Attorneys is based in Harare and Francistown and practices throughout Zimbabwe, Botswana, the SADC region and internationally.

A long-term outlook

We don’t just have clients, we forge real relationships with real people set against a background of trust, transparency and the correct application of the law at all times.


Fees and billing

We are always transparent in our billing and our hourly charges are in line with the regulations set by the Law Society of Zimbabwe as well as the Botswana Law Society. We protect the interests of our clients and will always seek to recover legal costs of the case from the other party or debtor.

Our culture

As legal professionals, we believe that we have the skills, power and insight to build a stronger and better community through good governance and law. We see this as a position of privilege as we work to improve individual lives and businesses, and to build enduring prosperity in our community. We strive to ensure that this culture is evident in our team, demonstrated by the success of our cases and measured by the longevity of our relationships with those we work for and those we work with.

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To develop and deliver a full range of value-added legal services to individuals and companies of all sizes in Zimbabwe, Botswana and the region, delivered promptly and upholding the client’s best interests at all times.

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To be a multi-cultural regional and international legal powerhouse that treats clients professionally and with empathy, guided at all times by good corporate governance and sound moral values, and recognized as a law firm that helps build better communities through the application of law.

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At all times, we strive to see these core values reflected in our work and relationships with clients: confidentiality, humility and courtesy, efficiency and diligence, honesty and transparency, and compliance and accountability.

Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.

Eleanor Roosevelt